Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A letter to my dearest friend

This is dedicated to my dearest friend..

She may not be the first friend that I have made...
but we have known each other since standard One...
though we were not close then...
until high school, we get closer...
We laughed, discussed on homework, gossip and etc every single weekday...
everyone in the school know we are really good friend as we were always seen together except tuition and going home..
well, we did argue sometimes over some little things but were good afterwards within the day...
We can even memorize each other's house number when there was no handphone...
those were the good memories...
we may not hang out very often after graduating from school...
you are still my best-est friend ever...
Stay positive and surgery tomorrow will be smooth..
Be strong my friend, my prayers will always be with you~
All the best to you my friend!


Monday, September 21, 2015

#District21 #扑街

paid a visit to District 21..
tried almost all the obstacles there, some of them are under maintenance which explains why only tried almost all the obstacles..
it was a great experience and fun if you like sky trails and similar activities..
the sky trails seems easy yet it was not easy at all..

First time ever in rock climbing!
a sport that requires arm and upper body strengths a lot, 
basically the entire body strength.

My brother and his gf in action, I was too tired to climb again..
well, the truth is I injured my elbow..

it hurts a lot! ouchhh~
扑街(fall down) at launch pad (the trampoline).
don't underestimate this wound,
it's excruciatingly painful...
the area is big enough to cause you tingling sensation when u try to stretch your arm,
all thanks to its strategic location - elbow!

couldn't do much exercise (especially badminton) for maybe 2 weeks I guess..
Gosh, it's so inconvenient to do anything,
couldn't stretch my arm freely, have to take things slowly..
is it going to leave a scar?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Such a cute pouch from Laneige

Wish everyone stay happy everyday.. 
hashtag wink hashtag smiley
Btw, drink plenty of water and take care!
Rest well!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

hashtag courage

It requires lot of courage to take the leap..
I've made this...
However I'm not courageous enough to take one step ahead in certain matter..

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

05/08/2015 : sick v2

Guess my body isn't as strong as back then.. Running nose for like...5 or 6 days, starting to have slight coughing, but no fever so yeah, no MC for me..
Hope these medicine would be effective in stopping the flu and cough...
With these minor illness, the exhaustion after working "magnified"!
So good night peeps..
A little drowsy after taking the med..

Sunday, August 2, 2015

02.08.2015 : sick

I'm sick...
Tortured by flu the entire weekend..
I wish i can detach my nose...
Head is heavy...
Sore throat few days ago...
Never ending tortured by these evil sickness...
Or am i working too hard lately?
Gotta sleep...
Night peeps... And take good care!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Yay, even my phone wishes me Happy Birthday ^^
hereby wishes those who were born today, Happy Blessed Birthday!

some birthday facts..
have you gotten the ingredient below?

silly brother sticked this on my door knob last night
so sweet of him~ love you~

yea, as usual it's a working day for me..
first birthday cake for this year..
though it was a little small, it meant a lot to me..
bought by my manager and one of my colleague..
so sweet of them..
indeed, every little things now could make me very happy.. ^^
love both of them! thank you very much! 

it was a chocolate cheese cake from Delectable

thank you everyone who wished me in Facebook, 
so sorry I couldn't thank one by one~
your wishes are well received!
have a great day!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

27/06/2015 : Whimsical, Publika

Went to Publika to meet up with two close friends back in my undergraduate life..
We had lunch at Fahrenheit600(?) After lunch we proceed to Whimsical for some dessert.

I like this table!

We ordered this signature dish : cotton candy affogato
Verdict : we love it, guess this is not over-rated by the bloggers. you need to pour the warm coffee on top of the cotton candy and it will melts the cotton candy blending together with the coconut-gula melaka ice cream that is "hidden" in the cup. The melted cotton candy sweeten the bitterness of the coffee. 

We are still crazy and silly whenever and wherever the three of us gather..
We share stories, experiences and our very own opinions.. 
The greatest part is, we laughed out loud like no one else business..
And we can laugh at anything, random cold or funny jokes are told at time, non-stop laughter being with them..
I cherish the friendship that we have and guys, do take care! even though we are going our path separately, I believe we can still be crazy together when we meet up again.. Till next time~
Bon voyage again love! 
May you two have blessed days ahead!

Hayley signing off!
Good night peeps!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Triffin, Mid Valley

it was long-overdue post,
had lunch at this newly opened Thai cuisine restaurant - Triffin
the interior design is based on vintage concept
decorated with these old metal containers and some soy sauce bottle
Isn't it cool?

their appetizers are in the container
unique huh?
tomyum soup
verdict: the soup was not fragrant and sour enough..
won't be ordering this the next visit..

Green curry chicken&seafood
this was pretty nice
yummy and im drooling~

 let's have a closer look..
these dishes cost around 20-30myr
yea, normal price range to have meal in this kind of restaurant 

Well, that's all for today.
Gambateh and wish me luck in next week exam.

Last and before putting this post a full stop, 
miss having this..

alright peeps, hit the sack and good night!
have a great weekend, not for me though..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

22th may

It has been rough weeks with assignments and many works lining up at office, plus the mess brought by junior..

How i wish there is something to cheer me up..
Anyway, keep up the spirit and work hard!
Shall play hard in July! 
Sunway bungee jump or USS?

Btw, how did u spend your 520?

That's all, gotta sleep..
Good night everyone~

Monday, May 4, 2015

Things that i did before going to bed.....
Pile up everything to the side like "trash"...

That's all for this post
Good night peeps..
My eyes are begging for mercy..

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Game On!

hello fellow readers,
it's not my usual norm to write this in the morning,
oh well, had so much fun yesterday and it's time to study for exam as well as finish up office work..
so-called long weekend!
so guys,
do you know there is a batting cages (baseball) in upper roof of 1 Utama?
guess it will be another reason for me to go 1U now..
why don't they have this in Mid Valley......

Game on!
Play ball!!!! 

ain't the first time playing baseball, but yes for an official and proper baseball..
played baseball with fellow neighbours back then,
we used a rectangular wood as bat while tennis ball as baseball... =P
those were the beautiful days as children...
it was fun! and yes would like to play again..
i would suggest you to try the softball first,
hard ball is meant for those who played before, it is a lot harder to hit..
the speed of hard ball is incredibly fast even though u have set it to the minimum speed!
ain't joking man!
u will realise how tough is the game,
salute those baseball players though I'm not a big fan of this sport!
but i think it is drawing my attention now.. haha

here is some of the details
Opening Hours: 
12:00 – 22:30 Monday – Thursday; 
10:00 – 24:00 Friday & Saturday; 
10:00 – 22:30 Sunday

Upper Roof (via High Street Lift), 1Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 
the high street lift is located right outside of Parkson.

Students RM4 for 15 balls
Adults RM5 for 15 balls
*ps: do bring along your student id

so how was your first day of long weekend going?
and anyone would like to try?
Do "jio" me along!
"Jio" means asking someone if they want to come along.
hahaha =P
till next update~

Saturday, April 25, 2015

throwback Sunday

it was a chillax last Sunday,
put aside the assignment + revision and headed to Pavilion for a beer~ =P
oh nono, just kidding, not purposely went there for a beer.
just to have some time out of the loaded schedule.
yeah, even robot will be out of battery,
have a feeling that my body is degenerating, need to have a break.. lol
had tea time at Tom Dicks and Harry.
would be a nice place to hang out at night with the live band =)

My favourite of all the beers.
expensive but ain't drinking it so frequently,
just once in a while,
so yeah..i'm willing to spend on this half pint of Hoegaarden.

How was your week going on?
watched Avengers? 
 are you one of the hot fans of collecting cute avengers figurines below?
personally I like the Thor, he is the cutest with his hammer ^^
*ps: i dont own any of the belows
how about you? which do you like?

That's all for today,
going back to my revision,
good luck in mid term exam this coming Monday.
Good night!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

heart is so heavy at the moment,
received the saddest news ever this year,
one of my high school friend suffered from nasal cancer and she is in 3rd stage..
watching the news from ntv7 is so heart-breaking...
She was a very cheerful and easy-going person,
we joined the same society (Red Crescent Society) back in high school time, participated in marching competition and had the same goal together during the competition.
This is terribly sad to hear this news..
Hhere I'm pleading everyone of you who is reading this, please lend her a hand through donation and please pray for her!
Fighting JiaQi!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Franco, 1 Utama

it was a splendid Saturday with Elder Sis, Baby brother and Mom at One Utama!
bought a few new clothes and a red dress, hehe^^ 
oh yes, I'm happy spending money on clothes, hahaha!
We went to Franco, previously known as Miam Miam for lunch because both Sis and I wanted to go try that restaurant so much since don't-know-how-many-months ago..
but i was so busy for the past few months, or there was a very long queue and we were too hungry to line up, so the plan of dining here had been dragged few months..

oh well, we order some of their signature dishes.
First stop, this is a must try dish
Franco signature French Toast
*thumbs up*
you will have to wait 30minutes for this..
well, it is worth for the wait =)
the buttery toast is so fluffy and matches beautifully with the maple syrup and the cream!

coming up next is the squid ink omelette rice
it looks a little un-appetizing at first

yeah, I munched on the first bite reluctantly,
the rice was soooooo dark man! 
but it was very fragrant! a lil over-salted though..

third dish, spaghetti carbonara
it was surprising to see an egg yolk on top
and dun get cheated by its appearance, it looked not creamy enough right?
turned out the creaminess is just about right, not too creamy or not creamy enough.

the fourth
we opted Vanilla Souffle 

crispy crust and smooth texture inside
tasted very egg-ish, 
if i were to finish this all by myself,
i guess i will throw oout because it was too egg-ish.
unless you like the taste of egg very much,
otherwise you're advised to share this dessert with someone,
and it will be just nice =)

that's all from me on Franco.
some extra bonus from my brother..
he baked proliferates with custard as filling..
We become his lab rat before he bake another round for his gf.
well, I don't mind being a lab rat as long as it taste good!
yum yum~
the custard's texture could be much smoother though.
anyway, he baked the proliferates well, good job. 

alright, I'm signing off now
good night everyone and have a great week ahead.
good luck to myself on my research proposal and
performance review/appraisal for year 2014.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

postgraduate journey to be continued....

Finally...that's the end for my Second semester of postgraduate..
praying hard for passing all the papers..
it was not easy to come this far,
i think i sacrificed a lot of things lately for my studies,
fingersss cross I can complete this with ease by the end of this year..
so yeah, another year to go, fighting!

My next mission would be my research proposal!
shall start working on it tomorrow!
and have to do some workout, nearly two or worse three months didn't exercise..
but let me rest like a boss for a day first...
like the cute yellow fellow below~
*cropped from fb emotion icon..

seriously needed a rest as my neck has been aching since Tuesday,
stupid pillow keep giving me a bad crick on my neck,
shall get a new pillow soon..
have an enjoyable Friday tomorrow peeps..
Gonna back to work tomorrow.. ><
That's my life...