Thursday, November 1, 2012

ukm's 40th convocation

while has been actively hunting for job, i'll take a couple of minutes update my bloggie.. :)
how was my life? hmm...
first thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha~ previous post was another bestie's birthday! good timing huh? =P
I had one of the happiest day in my life, my bachelor degree convocation! 21/10/2012
it felt so GOOD with the robe on and of course the mortarboard! best moment of my life as well as my parents i guess.. =) haha! apology for few photos only (as I dont like to disclose so many photos of myself, if I were pretty perhaps I'll be posting a lot then, haha)

yay! I have finally graduated!!!! kudos to myself! high five with me?!

thanks my part time personal photographer! full time: my bf!! ^^ muacks~ thanks boy~ 
the soft toy is cute right? haha~ it gained a lot of attention that day!

guys~ thank you very much for coming! u guys made my day happier!

what's this? convo gift from my dear sister!!! haha~
something that was so outstanding that day!!!!
i'm the only one graduate who got this helium-filled balloon! 

she's truly my bestie~
love u... sincerely from my heart!

delighted daddy! haha~

marvellous mood mom!

this was post-graduation photos session with my uni besties!
all the best girls~

finally, I would like to thank my parents for bringing me to this world!
not for them, i wouldn't achieve all this!
i love u mommy & daddy! =)
thanks for all the gifts and all my friends that attended my convocation!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happenings on 10/10

first of all, it's 10/10 today! 
so i would like to send my wishes to my best friend(u know who u are, if u r reading read this give me a misscall ya, haha, just kidding)
do u know reading the symbol? XXIII... i guess lot of people know this!
hereby i wishes u to stay healthy, happy, wealthy and pretty all the time~
and lastly.. miss u~ haha!

alright, jom proceed to the next happenings.. 
isn't this cute??? ^^
it's a gift from my boy friend~ many thanks oh~ 
it is very adorable~ hehe~ heart it!

let's have a closer look at it~ 

grrrr~ my throat is feeling abit unwell again.. =(  *some random shout out*
oh noo~ need to drink more water, im guessing 2 liters a day? =P
apart from these happenings,
 i hope everything is fine with my friend~ may your grandpa rest in peace...

that's all for today, night everybody~

Friday, September 14, 2012

happy THREE friend's BirthDay feast!

DATE : 09/09/2012
nice date there, 0909~ =p
ACTIVITY : Happy "Three" Friend's Pancake birthday meal
WE DINED AT Paddington House of Pancake, The Curve
it was my second visit...
they serve fluffy and soft and yummy pancakes! fluffy? 
hmm, can't think of other words to describe this pancake..
sorry for my poor vocabulary...
So, here's our dishes!
#1 - Pancake with vanilla ice cream as topping, banana and chocolate mousse..

let's savour our Pancake feast!!
served with honey...or caramel honey?

tissue provided by Paddington with its very own imprinted logo and signature. (this is something that you will normally observe when you dine at restaurant) 

okay, let's proceed to our beverage..
Frizzy Berry 

Chicken Fajitas..
Yes, this is chicken fajitas, 
I can assure you I make no mistake this time, vividly remember this name! 
Paddington's style of chicken fajitas.. with sour cream..
not really fond of this sour cream..

finally, our last dish...
sun dried tomato spaghetti with fried mushroom.

was stuffed after the meal... ^_^ 
truly one enjoyable meal, only Happy THREE Friend know the reason..
so after our meal, we went for a stroll at the Street...
lol, did i just say stroll? haha..
window shopped sport attire...we actually hunted for dessert,
too bad we found none..
discovered these cute little badges,
some of them made me think of my Friends in UKM..
so, I bought them as a little gift for my soon-to-be-graduated-friends =)
3 for RM[ten]~
yea, you can hardly find 3 for [ten] nowadays..

other than these happy moments,
there was one horrible memory that I think I will never forget..
WE witnessed a car crash on our way back..
we are truly absolutely lucky to avoid the crash,
it was terrible, we cleary hear the ''bang'' that just happened right in front of us..
a car from the opposite direction smashed through the divider and hit another that was in front of us!
my sis steered the wheel to left and we avoided the crash and also the bumper which was flying towards our direction.. really one horrific accident!
alright, stories end here..

that's all for today...
My legs are so tired today, walked fairly long distance..
night peeps.. have a nice weekend ahead!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


dined at DaoRae, Kepong branch~
i'll simply go through this..

this is what u usually find in a korean restaurant..
green tea or u can order other beverage(will be charged)

stove?? hehe, not sure what this call..

must-not-forget : KIMCHI soup!!
verdict: it was not spicy enough!

dol-dot bi-bimbap..

dried ramen...

jab chae~~ this was so yummy!
chopsticks licking good~

beef and lamb..

we ordered soju too~

bottoms-up!! haha
i drank two glasses~ one was my bro, he sipped then passed to me~ 

that's all for today~
overall : this korean dinner was satisfying!
and happy fasting month to all my muslin frens~
have a happy week ahead~
no monday blue ya guys~ =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Levain 3rd visit

yeap, my 3rd visits to Levain! ^_^ 14/07/2012
after a year? hmm~ I don't remember anymore..
well,who cares.. let's just skip to the photos, okay? 
snapped this pic when I was on my way to work...
destination : IPSOS, Menara IGB, Mid Valley
I travel by KTM every day...
there's other alternatives but I opted KTM b'coz it's the cheapest..

alright, back to my main topic!
LEVAIN!!! ^^
pizza...tiramisu....french toast *if not mistaken* and the last one is cheesy raisin bun..
tiramisu was delicious.. owh, im drooling...

we ordered a hot chocolate cappuccino..
it was an enjoyable saturday! ^^
levain...badminton...gathering... like it!

Friday, June 22, 2012


guess I had been very busy since mama's Day,
now only I have the time to update the photos about mama's day celebration~
well, it was just a simple and delicate dinner at Soul-ed Out..
i bet those desa sri hartamas-er would already have an idea about its latitude-longitude-coordinate.. *perhaps not the latitude and longitude lah* haha, typical Malaysian, with the ''lah''...
they serve various cuisine, western, eastern, italian and mexican...(well, these are the ones that I manage to remember)

cutlery + tissue 

yes, there's another outlet at Ampang.. 

hmm..honestly, I had forgotten the name.. chocolate!  

~tomyam mee~ 

errr... forgot...
haha... this is like a guessing game to me now! 

sorry dude, forgot too~ =P 
well, it tasted abit sweet plus mint-flavoured...

as expected... I dun remember this either!

i know this i know this!
it's spaghetti!!!! lol...
generally, it's spaghetti, good job siew mei! *talking to myself*

okay, i think I better withdraw from this game...
there's no way for me to win this game with this faded-memory..

last picture... 

that's all for tonight,
sorry again, I cant recall any of the name...
good night everyone~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

couz wedding.. 9/6/12

okay, it's time to update bit by bit...
I'm officially free from studies stuff!!!
however, going to have my internship this coming July,
so that makes me to have one week plus of holiday~
well, short break sometimes may re-energize us effectively!
alright, 9th of June 2012 was my lenglui (pretty) couz's wedding!
may u live happily ever after with ur newly-wed hubby!
i'll pray for ur happiness~ =)
by the way, she's really gorgeous that night~
here are some of the photos from that night~
corridor of the hotel [Royal Bintang, Damansara, nearby the Curve]
so classy and felt like home, isn't it?

nice wall lamp~

before entering the ballroom, 
decoration at the entrance...

 second shot*****

ceiling... chandelier.. various type of lighting...

=the ballroom=

well, this was not my table...just randomly snap a shot of it~

menu of the Day

The Stage

So Pretty Right??
It was Like A Fairy Tale..

Guess What... There Was A Live Band Performing There.. 

Chello, Guiter, Saxophone, Keyboard and A Drum Set..
hehe^^ don't u think i'm music literate? *just kidding* 

this Table Was Exceptionally Bigger than The Others...
What's More To Say, It Was The Bride&Groom's Table 

nice origamy... 

some fEAtures Outside the Ballroom.. 

Features no.2 

wey, Wait For Me Gentleman!!! 

Fruit cakes with ChoColate.. 

Royale Bintang Hotel 

Here Comes the King and Queen 

sorry for the Poor Quality of the Pic.. 

J&E which stand For Jasmine & Emran 

Again, entrance 

There's a GrandPiano, can U spot it?? 

Chandelier again...

...U r Most Welcome... 

Dessert... yummy...
desperately needed it that time as I Was So Stressed..
Me no likey though as It Was over-Sweetened.. 

that's all for this post~ will try to update as much as I can...
It's time For Some Nice Rest... Started to Feel The Exhaustion...
Happy Holiday My Dear Coursemates... =)
Looking Forward to my Convocation~ ^^
Hopefully I mange To Graduate with.... hehe... *crossing fingers*