Sunday, April 29, 2012

La Risata, Ampang

well, everyone post about Bersih 3.0 and i'm not going to post about that,
seriously.... nothing much to say about Bersih 3.0..
so here we are...
La Risata..
to celebrate one of my closest fren's birthday~
well, i dont really text her a lot or having frequent outing with her,
but somehow i feel so warm around her...

a basket of freshly baked bread with olive spread...

Pizza Hawaian (rm24)
Grilled chicken breast, caramelized pineapple, tomato & mozzarella
verdict: I like this!!! ^^~ hawaiian pizza is one of my favourite pizza..

Pizza Salmone (rm32)
Smoked salmon on a light cream base with caper & sliced onion
verdict: the salmon was too salty... but i like the sliced onion, it matched the light cream base so beautifully!

we ordered another pasta, (too bad i forgot to capture a shot of it) 
Fettucine Mare E Monti (rm35),
it's a flat pasta with scallop, wild porcini & shitake mushroom in a cream sauce,
it was really CREAMY & yummy!!
suggestion: don't finish this dish all by yourself, it was way too creamy!!
there's 6 of us sharing one pasta, two pizza n a lasagna(coming up next), 
the portion for each dishes were shared evenly
so we didnt feel stuffed even after trying the creamy flat pasta..
(this was simply nice and something I wanted, tried nice food and ain't feeling stuffed!) haha~

honey dew fruit juice
Lasagna Di Carne (rm24)
Freshly baked layered pasta filled with mozzarella & a creamy minced beef & tomato sauce
verdict of this dish: delicious but it was too salty..
source :

cupcakes for the pre-Queen of the Day.. hehe~

that's all for today...
going to explore my R software!
yea, I'm going to need this R software to analyse my data!
so Good Luck to me! =P