Sunday, July 22, 2012


dined at DaoRae, Kepong branch~
i'll simply go through this..

this is what u usually find in a korean restaurant..
green tea or u can order other beverage(will be charged)

stove?? hehe, not sure what this call..

must-not-forget : KIMCHI soup!!
verdict: it was not spicy enough!

dol-dot bi-bimbap..

dried ramen...

jab chae~~ this was so yummy!
chopsticks licking good~

beef and lamb..

we ordered soju too~

bottoms-up!! haha
i drank two glasses~ one was my bro, he sipped then passed to me~ 

that's all for today~
overall : this korean dinner was satisfying!
and happy fasting month to all my muslin frens~
have a happy week ahead~
no monday blue ya guys~ =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Levain 3rd visit

yeap, my 3rd visits to Levain! ^_^ 14/07/2012
after a year? hmm~ I don't remember anymore..
well,who cares.. let's just skip to the photos, okay? 
snapped this pic when I was on my way to work...
destination : IPSOS, Menara IGB, Mid Valley
I travel by KTM every day...
there's other alternatives but I opted KTM b'coz it's the cheapest..

alright, back to my main topic!
LEVAIN!!! ^^
pizza...tiramisu....french toast *if not mistaken* and the last one is cheesy raisin bun..
tiramisu was delicious.. owh, im drooling...

we ordered a hot chocolate cappuccino..
it was an enjoyable saturday! ^^
levain...badminton...gathering... like it!