Tuesday, December 30, 2014



wise word...

[ENGSUB] We got married Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun ep 15 Full

They are so sweet~

Just some entertainment off study week...

Fighting tomorrow!

Alright, Good night everyone~

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

X'mas Eve

It's Christmas eve, so what are you up to?
Apparently I'm staying at home again,
not for assignment but to rest..
Well, to be frank nobody dated me..
yeah, i'm a passive person in dating someone, guess my ex-bf agree with this.. =P

Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed new year! =)

This bear is cute right? 
saw it in Mid Valley, wanted to get it home so much.. haha XD

pre-deco in the office, ps: christmas tree in my department
there is another tree at the reception.. =)

post-deco plus some presents..
have you given ur love ones x'mas present or exchanged present with them? 

These are another gift I have received and exchanged with my colleague.
the right hand side one from my cousin all the way from UK, 
meanwhile the left hand side one i got it from gift exchange with my colleague..
what a coincident right to have gotten two similar gift..
perhaps it is telling me that I have two angels blessing me this year or mayb coming year of 2015?
now come to think of it, guess I have found one this year...
the one who teaches me korean informally.. haha! kamsahamida oppa~ ^^

wokay peeps, shall we proceed to next topic..
It's about a short trip to Melaka..
Spent 2 days and 1 night in Melaka two weeks ago..
second Team building events with current company..
Melaka's trademark building
traveled nearly the entire melaka town for the event - The Amazing Run
sort of like amazing Race..
u have to complete each station's mission and collect 
'time" or point..

the race started at 10am and my group manage to accomplish all the missions at 4pm, 
back to hotel around 430pm...
I was totally exhausted, deprived of sleep a night before plus the hectic life..
nonetheless, all the hard work get paid..
seaview room~ Holiday Inn Hotel..

room for two.. 

another angle of the twin room.. 

yea, the light was too bright..
sorry for the unprofessional camera shooting skill.. 


beautiful and tempting swimming pool spotted..
wanted to swim so much but had expected there wont be any spare time for a swim.. 

the night view at the pier..
didn't realise it could be so mesmerizing.. 

view from my room in the morning~ 

that's all for today..
Merry Christmas again~ =)
hold on a moment..
still remember Stitch? =P
Stitch wishes everyone have a joyful christmas too ^^
..may your Wishes come true..
yup, this fellow - Stitch will be my companion to work everyday.. =)