Saturday, November 30, 2013


HHello all!
Just back from dinner at Mezza 9, Solaris
The restaurant located in a secluded area, cant be spotted from the outside..

If u are looking for a nice place to linger and have some wine/beer, this could be it based on my instinct and preference.. Haha

V ordered a pizza with two flavours, a burger dish, nachos and pasta.

Presenting u hoegaarden, cranberries juice and orange juice..

Chessy nachos with chopped chicken n tomato as dipping sauce.. Yummy! It's just a simple dish, u may buy a packet of tortilla chips n baked it together with cheddar cheese in oven..

Coming up is bacon burger.. This dish was abit dry, i mean it needs more sauce such as mayonnaise or etc, unable to finish this as the grilled chicken was not succulent enough plus the cheese was actually making the burger to have even more dryness..

However, they nailed this dish, carbonara spaghetti.. It was creamy and mushroom flavour balanced well with the creaminess.. Slurppp..

Finally, pizza!! Salmon seafood on the upper side while we opted hawaiian chicken for the other half.. Hawaiian chicken might sounded typical, it is the best flavour ever to me.. =P simple ingredients, pineapple and chicken are the best combination, these two suffice to make the whole dish perfect!

That's all for today! 
Have a great Sunday tomorrow peeps! XD