Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Statistics Day 20102010

20.10.2010 aka 20102010
today is World Statistics Day...
first ever year for World Statistics Day...
the logo isn't very nice though~ :S
*no offence, is just personal opinion*
finally, contribution of statisticians are recognized...
i guess there will be more people who know about statistics right after this special day~
here's a link to an article/news about this world statistics day and also its official website i guess... =)

before i start my life pursuing BSc in statistics,
there were many people who don't have any idea about what statistics is,
it was quite disappointing the moment they frowned and started asking me question about what is statistics... =(
when i say it's an application/branch of mathematics, they just "ohhhhhh icic"... =="
disappointing right??
glad they commenced this special day...
although i'm not yet a statistician, i'm proud of taking it~

HAPPY WORLD STATISTICS DAY to all my course mates and also those who are pursuing statistics out there~ ^^