Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taiwan Day 1

Sorry for the long-overdue post,
I was quite occupied at work and full with events over the weekend.
so here we are, first day of Taiwan!

Landed at KaoShiung, well, KaoShiung is the industrial area, thus not much of nice view.
Taken from a temple, forgot the name already.

This is the bus that brought us around Taiwan. 

Next stop, 高雄旗津.
We had to take ferry, the air was...erm..slightly unhealthy, quite hazy. 

Ferry station at 旗津.

this is just nice for taking photo. 

and this pork bun is more than just nice!  

me and my cousin and brother in law with my sis photobomb-ed behind! 

the old folks that we have to take care of, not just during the trip but the rest of our life. 

This street is so artistic, and unfortunately i forgot the name again.. == 

me trying to take candid photo but failed! 

Isn't this so romantic? 

headed back to hotel to freshen up and continue with food hunting as the hotel is near to 逢甲夜市, Feng Jia Night market.
This cafe was spotted on our way to the night market.
It is very pretty with good environment, wanted to try but we have not much time to explore, thus straight headed to the night market. 

here we are, only 10 minutes of walking distance from our hotel. 

Food hunting begin:
1st station: 大肠包小肠
basically it is just sausage wrapped with sticky rice
verdict: taste normal, not really fond of it 

Second station:
Fried crabby~ 

stink taufoo, hmm...
I personally don't like this especially the smell 

oh yum yum~ 

seafood in crab shell, now this really caught my attention, it is really nice. 

For those who knows mandarin, try to read this from bottom and ignore the "prawn".. =P
hahaha~ sorry, no offence okay! 

Fried Chicken!!! 

and so we found out everyone was carrying this papaya milk smoothies,
bought one to try.
Surprisingly, this is like yoghurt and yes i like yoghurt drink! 

Since KaoShiung is also one of the harbor in Taiwan, 
we decided to try their seafood.
Randomly picked one of the restaurants in the street,
and we ordered....

lobster... Price wise, not too expensive and i forgot the price, hahaa~ 

After done eating at the night market,
the old folks went back to the hotel to rest,
and how about the youngster?
no doubt we continue our exploration.
It was the first day so we all were fired up! hahaa 

one of the underground station: 

Design in the underground train station 

Spotted 3 chibi maruko..
and here we go again..fooling around with my sister..
oh yeah, i like travelling with her.
I won't get bored with her around~ 
Love you sis, *okay, I think I have just inappropriately confessed...... 

Sorry bro, he couldn't be in the photo with us because he had to take photo for the four of us 

Another view after coming out of the underground tunnel..
To be honest, I was abit lost, luckily my cousin is really a good "tour guide" 

ookay, after our exploration trip, we got tempted by this char-grilled beef cube..
and there goes second round... 

Headed back to Hotel after this!
Will update second day soon, hopefully soon~ *yikess*
Good night everyone and rest well!
Two more days and it is weekend again!
SM signing off~

Monday, May 2, 2016

Update soon

Blog is under maintenance,
so stay tuned for more updates about my Taiwan trip soon!