Sunday, November 30, 2014

Annual Dinner + Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (Hunger Games)

Oh well, the title is automatically changed to the video I'm going to share later on..
shall I have a quick update for my annual dinner?

gotten the first ever parcel of my life..
this was really unexpected...
I was busy working on something and the receptionist call me telling me there was a parcel for me...
It was a fay before the annual dinner
truly no idea what was that and who was it from as I did not order anything online..

I'm really lucky to have known you, thank you very much!
I'm literally appreciate for the Stitch..
I'll treat this as a X-mas present *happy*

guess what was inside...
it was a handsome Stitch... companion for annual dinner..

can't thank you more..
seriously don't know how to express how grateful I was and am still grateful, will always be.. 

looks who is the handsome now..
hehehe~ :) 

thanks again! 
it was a hectic Friday, as usual I was rushing an urgent request.. 
luckily managed to complete it, thanks to "Pocahontas" for helping me out! =)

Around 730pm.. Arrived Aloft Hotel,

It was....
Picture time..
say cheese everyone..

take two.. with a stranger here..Peter Pan?
sorry..i mean colleague from another department.. 

 well, we are never tired of taking pictures...

we were there in the photo booth again... =P 
Stitch is in the picture too! Hehe~
thank you again!

Overall, the food was not nice.. 
The facility and service was pkay though..
And regardless of the not yummuylicious food,
I enjoyed a lot that night,
oh well, people quoted "work hard and play hard"
screamed as loud as poosible when we were happy, cheered with the whole department mate when our Director received awards, self-happy aka syok sendiri when we were done performing... Also.. Screamed on the stage when our hard work paid off.. we got third place in best performance.. =D

before heading home..
another round of picture outside the ballroom..
the light in the ballroom was dime thus didnt take any photo with my phone..
so here comes..
Snow White and Lilo..
I had taken off the leaf hand and ankle band.. 

Pocahontas and Lilo...  

Lilo: Where is the treasure Captain Hook?

And Lilo bumped into Alice in the Wonderland.. 

Before Lilo signing off...
shall we listen to Lorde's latest song for Hunger Game?
Fallen in love with this song..she is awesome!
Enjoy guys... and good night
going to resume my assignment!
till next time~
played now have to work hard!

Monday, November 10, 2014

How's Ur Monday?

Even the worst Monday is almost over,
Show no mercy to assignment!

....Good night everyone~


ain't going to hit the sack so early laaaaa... 
I'm seeing Mr.Assignment in a minute... LOL

let's listen to a song which I find it really nice...
Enjoy peeps =)