Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Have been very very busy lately, yet managed to allocate some time to meet up with my degree closest coursemates.. ^^
Well, they are going to NZ for working holiday scheme, will be leaving soon, that would be next monday and i'm so gonna miss them a lot.. 
Our instant photo collection, one for each of us.. =) see u guys next year, take good care please!!!

Wondering why is this post named after so-kissaten? Hahaha!
It was one of our joke during the meet up, we couldnt think of a word to describe how delicious it is.. So one of us spill this out "tasted so-kissaten" LOL.. We laughed out loud literally...

Kissaten, Jaya One, PJ.
We were the first customer! =P
Verdict: do not ever go in the afternoon, not much choices to opt, night time would be more happening there..
8th of march 2014
Signing off...