Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CNY 2013

before the clock ticks to 12am, and calendar been flipped to 28th of February,
would like to update a little bit of the celebration of Chinese New Year (one of the biggest festival celebrated by all the Chinese in the World).

night before 1st day of CNY, we called it 除夕(chu xi)
Chinese's culture...
whole family members will gather at a house/ restaurant to have reunion dinner together.
this year I had my reunion dinner at my uncle's house,
these are the dishes for that night~
blurp~~~ fully stuffed!
for vegan, u can have this dish.
braised mushroom, beancurd, cabbage and glass noodle with ''nam yu''. 
apologies for I don't know what is the name for ''nam yu'' in English.

 for non-vegan, in the other word carnivores.. hehe~
steamed chicken. 
(looked simple but when you have this with all the family members, it tasted much more delicious)

last is the main dish of the night!
prawn, duck, chicken, mushroom, pork, beancurd, scallop, some vegetables and tiny abalone,
all in one bowl~

cousin and me

wow~ various yummylicious biscuit!! ^^ and dessert~

cousin, me and my sister
ps: do i look older than my sister? perhaps I am.. =(

ooow~ slutty enough? =P haha~
nearly forgot to thank them for my style that day! hehe^^
I still can't believe I bought this pink trouser for myself(fall in love the first time I met it).. haha!
guess my sense of fashion has changed? or my perception of life?

coming up picture is...
my sister and me..
I love her very much..
ps: could u keep a distance when u talk on the phone with ur bf?
sometimes it hurts my shattered heart.. poor me.. ooppss.. 
I'm fine, no worries~

from left to the right:
my brother, cousin, cousin, cousin, cousin-in-law, cousin

same order as above:
me, my sister, cousin, cousin-in-law, cousin, cousin-in-law 

do I have to introduce again?
It feels great to be family with them~ 

aren't they adorable?? hehe^^ 
my question includes my cousin, isn't she adorable in this photo?

thumb up to you, it's tough working in Singapore, away from family~
no home-cooked dinner every night like we have here, yet u are a little meaty compared the very last time u came back. haha! it's a good sign, means u have earned more than enough~ =P

finally, sister and cousin.

till next time~
good night fellow readers..
next on bloblo-mei: How I celebrated CNY with my best friends~

Friday, February 1, 2013

d'italiane Kitchen

this is a long-forgotten-to-update Foodie collection of mine.. =P
d'italiane Kitchen situated at...erm...somewhere in PJ?? oh no no..
I have completely forgotten where is it...
never mind, forget it, u can google it anytime~ haha!
the food was delicious, especially the salmon creamy spaghetti and seafood aglio olio(italian style of fried spaghetti) =)
let me present u guys the photos.. JUST photos, not much time for feedback, lot of stuff to settle..
sorry ya guys!
And Happy Wilayah Day!

the dressing for the french toast above..