Sunday, September 8, 2013

A lovely Saturday 130907

Had a very lovely joyful happy Saturday with him..
一鄸遮三丑.. It means blurry pic has the ability to cover our flaw.. Our faces are flawless now right? Ahhahaha

And also her... They are my coursemates back in my undergrad life...

Short meet up yet precious moment!
We had brunch together at hokkaido inchiban, 1 utama, one of the largest shopping mall in malaysia i guess.. Haha!

She opted soba, japanese well-known cold noodle.. Yes, i'm pretty sure all of u know, it's served in cold.. 

His dish... I forgot the name, it was rice with cheese chicken.. The poached egg looked really nice and pretty right? It was really tempting..

As for me, I opted yakisoba.. Hehe^^ fried soba noodle with green pepper, cabbage and some cubed-cut chicken.. The dish had strong spices of fragrance, appetizing..

We also ordered some sushi as side dishes.. Well, there is no doubt sushi is a must-order dish if u dine in japanese restaurant, cant agree more huh? Soft shell crab,seaweed with avocado on top and fish roe.. Yummy~

Second and third plate of sushi... We had fourth plate in the end and i didnt take any photo of it.. Haha!
One heavy brunch for us, costed us rm27 each person, reasonable price as this meal has satisfied our crave for japanese cuisine.. =P our stomach were totally 'overloaded'.. LOL!

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