Saturday, March 3, 2012

29/02/2012 -4years once a day-

this is where I've been to on my 2012 leap day.. 29/02/2012
it was a Wednesday and we have no class on Wednesday this semester! =)
so here I am....
with my dear coursemates...
only four of us~ ^^ *sorry ferfer, jiayi and laibee*
*and wenteng, too bad you went home that day*
they are having student privilege now, rm9.90 each set (one main course + soup of the day)
IQ question printed on the tissue...

the answer is : Within 3 hours, they can train a man to stand at the side of a pool and feed them fish!
how's it? lame? nah~ i think this was quite true, HAHA!

Opted Mountain Dew as my beverage, since two of my friends opted iced lemon tea, guess I should go for other option right? *actually I wanted to order Iced Lemon Tea too*

four set of manhattan fish! yummy~
we ordered the same set because we all wanted to eat its fried dory fish!
there is only four choices to choose from,
(1)grilled dory fish (2) fried dory fish (3)spaghetti (4) Chicken + rice (technically it's chicken rice)
the dish came with fries and salad~

after finishing our meal, it was photo session~
KY.Wong and me, another picture is YL.Sia with SH.Siaw.. (didn't bring nice shirt back to hostel, this is me, wearing university's clothes..)

next stop?? SNOWFLAKE!!! ^^

i bet everyone of you know how does this stuff work! =P
yup, it flashes once your order is done, means that you can get your order from the counter~

i'm not sure the name for this, i suppose this is the top5 customer's favourite~

grass jelly with pearl and peanut~ I like the grass jelly but not the pearl and peanut...
somehow, I like peanut butter spread on bread... =)

our hands were aligned vertically on the steel bar!
we headed back to UKM around 4pm..
the train was inevitably crowded!!

-The End-

Friday, March 2, 2012

another souvenir from my bestie!

yup, i got another souvenir from my friend,
well, apparently this one is distinctly more special than the previous two,
it's all the way from holland
and what makes it most special is...
it was given by my bestie~ xuan =)
a pair of miniature Amsterdam porcelain shoe decorated with paintings and of course chocolate!!! yummy-licious~

miniature Amsterdam porcelain shoe, IT'S MINE NOW!!! hehe
it's so cute!!!

handkerchief used to wrap up the chocolate~
according to xuan, it's a napkin,
however, it occurs to me it's a tissue.. LOL

coming up next : leap day- 29/02/2012 (stay tuned guys) ^^