Sunday, December 4, 2011

cousin's Raja Sehari Day~

it's been a month since my last post...*sorry I have abandoned u my bloggie*
there was nothing to be blogged about and i was kinda busy..
well, fellow readers, I'm gonna update bout my cousin's wedding on the 19th of November~
before that, I'll explain [Raja Sehari], it's kinda like an idiom in English language..
it carries the meaning of wedding day.. [raja sehari] = [wedding day]
the dinner took place at PJ Hilton Hotel..
The building looks abit old from the outside, however its interior is well maintained..
let's have a look on the photos I have taken.. (no more nokia x6 this time, nikon DSLR, borrowed from my sister' bf) ^^

King and Queen of the Day
May both of u live HAPPILY Ever After~

it's actually a mirror reflection

there they come... lime light of that night!

bride and groom(my couz)

yummy-licious vanilla ice-cream with fruits beneath it as dessert

interior at the lobby

small gift from the host family and the silver box from Hilton

inside the silver box...
chocolate as souvenir from Hilton
it's time for the decoration inside and outside of the hall
not going to explain much,
if u don't mind, let the photo do the talking again,
was rushing assignment... (thousands of apology)

As I have told u, their interior is well maintained,
everything looks so grand but there was little disappointment in their service...
That's all for today~
Have a great and enjoyable Sunday...