Sunday, January 31, 2016


Long overdue new year resolution...

First of all, (1) travel!!!
bought flight ticket to Taiwan in April! so it is partially achieved! hahaha..
Planning to go Cambodia after my graduation in October!
owh, speaking of graduation, graduating from a master degree would be my second (2) new year resolution! :P please pray that I can pass my thesis with flying colours *cross fingers*

(3) this would be set on the health aspect.
Due to the constant comments from people around me that I look pale and my brother even suggested it might be symptom of anemia, gg if that's true... shall go for a thorough body check this year, no more delay again, last year was fully-occupied and even after the thesis submission, workload at the office has never lessen. well, ain't regret of pursuing master, rather, I think I enjoy this kind of occupied life. I enjoy learning every day and lived my life to the fullest last year.
Other than the body check, shall maintain my weight also, hopefully manage to cut down some more weight this year, though I have lost 4kg last year.. LOL

Alright, that's all from my side. So, what's yours then?