Friday, February 7, 2014

3 little pigs and big bad wolf

Went to this great brunch date place..
Situated in a shopping mall in bangsar area..
The restaurant cant be spotted from the outside, , it is sort of hidden in a grocery mall..
Totally direction-lost when i reached there as it was my first time ever to bangsar village, i've been to Milk and Butter in jln telawi though..
Luckily got assisted in direction by my friend, so we managed to spot the shop easily despite it was a vague description from my friend.. Haha! Yet thanks for the direction! =) u know who u are!

First stop: Cafe mocha (this was pretty nice, i like this! ^^)
However, the hot chocolate that was ordered by my dad, it was abit disappointing, failed to satisfy our palate as it lacks of chocolaty flavour..

Egg benedict! Yummy.. The eggs were nicely-poached and added onto the toast with some cheese as dressing..

My sister' dish : little piggy breakfast
Hashbrown, scramble eggs, toast, fresh salad, sauteed mushroom etc etc.. Thumb up for the scramble eggs! 

Last, selfie with sister..
Yay, three little pigs and big bad wolf ticked!!! 

With my cousin, thanks for your tour to UM! I'll study hard and work hard too.. =)

That's all for today.. Toodoos.. 
Happy weekend everyone!