Sunday, July 28, 2013

WATCH out! Hush Puppies are in the BurgerLab!

Thanks sis, bro-in-law and also my cousin for my 2013's present! =)
kamsahamida... arigatou... merci beaucoup! kamsia! terima kasih! xie xie.. doh J!

white leather strip
square interface.. lol, what am I talking? interface?? =P

7-1.. hidden meaning? =P 

the more i see it on my hand, the more i fell for it.. =)

and my first try out at MyBurgerLab
their signature dish - chicken A+ (recommended by the staff)
the line is seriously long and u r advised to be there at 5-6pm if u dont want to stuck in the long queue.

the chicken was succulent and i like the cheddar cheese on top of the meat..
caramelized onions, cabbage with shitake and enoki mushroom, tomatoes as well..
not to forget their famous bamboo charcoal buns!
it was yummy fingers-licking delicious and the fries was nice too!
fries was flavoured with salt, oregano, chili flakes?(i guess, dunno much about seasoning)
there are various beef burgers too, might try it next time? 
verdict : delicious but a little bit over-priced.. they should expand their shop and provide more seats. it is literally very crowded considering the shop isn't spacious..