Thursday, August 28, 2014


hi there everyone,

will be updating all about dessert today! haha!
It was a busy day for me..
Schedule for today was packed! Yea, had to rush a project for the Nigeria team..
really tired yet there is a little thing cheered me up.. 
delighted to receive this from my manager~ ^_^
it was my belated-cupcake! hehehe~

Twelve Cupcakes from Mid Valley

opted Red Velvet of all the flavours available
was informed that this is one of the TwelveCupcake's signature..
looks nice heh? hehhehe~ *big smile on my face*
though it was just a small cupcake, somehow this is very sweet..
ain't saying the cupcake is sweet in taste.. =P
TQ very much!

second dessert:
blueberry cheese tart!
yummylicious~ i like tart like this!!!!

3rd and last dessert:
brownie from Korea..
this was the last one.. T.T
will definitely miss this brownie.. 
it's very sweet too as in you know what i meant... hahaha 

that's all for today!
good night peeps...
it's Friday again tomorrow! hehe!
and long weekend is coming very soon~ woohoo..

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 2 at Phuket, Thailand

alright folks, here's the day 2 itinerary - Phi-Phi trip!

i'll simply walk through with you by showing some of the photos as my siblings said I passed out for the entire day a.k.a. I suffered from sea-sickness.. they are so nasty! hahaha!
well, to my defence, i did not passed out the entire day, I was feeling unwell, yeah, body couldn't balance myself thus was having these nauseated feeling and dizzy, it was a very bumpy speedboat ride though and there was another korean girl, around my age i presume, was having sea-sickness as I did...
and I admit I was really lousy dealing with bumpy ride..

okay, first thing to do in the morning!
had a great breakfast at the resort...
pancake, fried noodle, toast, sausages, bacons, cereals, scramble eggs or boiled eggs, assorted egg dishes available upon order.. and guava juice.. and of course coffee and tea..

on our way to the pier.. let's snap a photo before our hair become so messy..
tied up a bun so that my hair wont get messy..

on the speedboat!

making fun of my brother.. hehehe~

another shot... I was still in my consciousness...

starting to feeling dizzy and nauseated... 
luckily we almost arrived our first destination : Maya Bay

it's such a beautiful bay.. the view was stunning!
it is sheltered by few high cliffs (i guess three)

pano from my phone~ ^_^
this bay was crowded!!!!

the water is so clear! awww.. i miss this bay!

dark clouds were approaching.. comes the rain~
in just few minutes, clear sky become blur vision..
luckily this rain didn't last long, it was just temporal plus sudden rain..
 about ten minutes and we can see clear sky again...

our second destination : viking cave and Pileh Cove
according to my brother, i had already passed out before reaching here.. hahaha!

he was right, i barely can remember these view, yet i remember this, the bird nest cave..
there are some villagers stay inside the cave to harvest the bird nest..

and i remember seeing this village too.. I wasn't fully out of consciousness though..

as for this, I have totally no memory of it...
guess I had literally passed out..
gosh.. my head was spinning like hell, couldn't even lift up my eye lid..

the water is crystal clear...
geezz.. i missed such awesome scene!

should have bought the seasickness medication before boarding..
never knew it could get so serious..
this was my worst seasickness ever I have suffered..

pileh cove and viking cave 2

pileh cove and viking cave 3

pileh cove and viking cave 4

pileh cove and viking cave 5

third destination : Monkey beach
I was still feeling unwell, these pictures are taken by my brother's camera..

dislike monkeys... had nightmare of it...
reminded me of my undergraduate life..

hmm.. I was awake again once touching down on a steady land.. hahaha!

After the monkey beach, we headed to an island to have oour lunch..
again, I do not have any memory of our journey to this land..
I was back to my unconsciousness... LOL
and i had to make a confession here - I vomited 5 times upon reaching this island and still counting..
banana pancake!
yummy street food.. too sweet though!

these are long tail boat..

long tail boat 2..

back to consciousness.. ahahahaha!
bought the medication at the island..
so I was feeling much better yet the nauseated feeling still tingling....

final destination of the trip : Khai Nok Island

time to relax~

fish feeding~

fish feeding 2

fish feeding 3

Khai Nok Island 2
it's another beautiful beach..
this is not sheltered by any high cliff, rather it's a very small island fully exposed to the ocean..

Khai Nok Island 3

 reached our resort about 6pm, there was traffic jam at phuket island!
it's pretty hard for me to believe though..hahaha
after dinner, we head to Bangla Road..

colourful night lights..
bought my first ever bikini there~ hahaha! =P

okay, that's all for Day 2.. 
final photo
#ootd a.k.a. outfit of the day.. 

although I had passed out for nearly the entire day, I enjoyed day 2 trip very much,
it would be more fun if I do not have sea-sickness..
and this won't stop me from loving the ocean and beaches..

that's all for today
stay tune for Day 3 updates..
good night everyone and have a good day tomorrow~

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 1 at Phuket, Thailand

there goes my holiday!

2nd stop : Phuket, Thailand
I think I'm addicted to traveling. =P

Day 1

Departed from newly-opened KLIA2

that was our flight - AK829

spotted familiar thing - big bunch of dangling wires
saw this during my Ho Chi Minh trip last year
it looks very dangerous though, saw some sparkles were ignited from some of these wires

it took us about 45minutes to reach our resort (Sea Sun Sand Resort and Spa) from the airport
swimming pool~ there are 3 swimming pools in total in the resort..
this resort is built on the hill side, thus we can have awesome view from the resort..

one of the unique design of the resort, this is a lift, as I have mentioned, it is on the hill side, thus our room is located on the top of the hill..

comfy bed so that we can get enough rest at night..
it was really tiring after outing for the entire day.

ooppss, saw someone naked in the bathroom?? haha

flat screen TV with over 50 channels (mainly thai language though, one of the disappointing point) 

candid cam by my sis, I was fast enough to give her a nice pose.. haha!

view from Sea Sun Sand Resort

view from another angle

most popular beach in Phuket - Patong Beach

Patong Beach 2

another awesome view..
awww..i miss the place to much!

first ever tuk-tuk ride~
so-called mini taxi in Thailand
it's a small modified van

my fake devil tattoo got sick~ LOL
everything fades..

tuk-tuk lining up to serve potential rider~ =P

thumb up to you! hahaha 

one of the viewpoint.. can't really remember the name..
the tour guide was not fluent in English, don't get what was he talking sometimes.. LOL
anyway, applause for his courage and effort in explaining every thing to us, we don't understand some though..

panorama with my iphone5

third stop: Big Buddha
it's on the top of dunno-what hill

another awesome view from the Big Buddha

panorama no.2

following behind Big Buddha, we stopped at one of the most significant Wat (buddhist temple) in Thailand - Wat Chalong

yeah, girls who wear short pant have to cover with a cloth or some sort of towel as a respect to the temple?..
the towels are provided by the temple, you have to return it upon leaving..

Big Buddha can be spotted from Wat Chalong..

cashew nut, it is a fake one.. hahaha! =)
saw this gasoline station by the road side..

let's have a closer look, okay?
Thailand is selling 300+ thai baht per litre of gas..
more expensive than Malaysia huh?

final destination for Day 1..
FantaSea "fantasy"
noticed that this EST cola beverage ad can be spotted everywhere in Phuket..
perhaps this is their favourite drink? 
it is somewhat similar to the big player (coca-cola & Pepsi), yet it is lacking of refreshing feel and fizziness..
*work-sickness* LOL
did some research on this category and am aware of this brand..

the dining hall.. Panorama 3 

carnival stage inside Fantasea..
est adv board again.. lol

palace of elephant..
it was where we enjoyed the show..
*no camera can be brought inside thus no picture*
clever business strategy huh..
they have very good and well-arranged system to keep everyone's camera and handphone or any recording devices.. thumbs up to them..

bleek~ please see carefully, this is not me!
her eyes are much smaller! hahaha 

wow~ white tigers in the fantasea!
they are going to extinct soon...

lastly, adorable husky soft toy wishing u good night and have a sweet dream

back to work yesterday and I can tell my manager and teammate were quite busy for the past several days without me.. a huge thank you to them for covering me / taking over my projects..辛苦你们了!
will work hard, then I can play hard! hahaha!
stay tuned for Day 2 updates peeps..