Sunday, June 28, 2015

27/06/2015 : Whimsical, Publika

Went to Publika to meet up with two close friends back in my undergraduate life..
We had lunch at Fahrenheit600(?) After lunch we proceed to Whimsical for some dessert.

I like this table!

We ordered this signature dish : cotton candy affogato
Verdict : we love it, guess this is not over-rated by the bloggers. you need to pour the warm coffee on top of the cotton candy and it will melts the cotton candy blending together with the coconut-gula melaka ice cream that is "hidden" in the cup. The melted cotton candy sweeten the bitterness of the coffee. 

We are still crazy and silly whenever and wherever the three of us gather..
We share stories, experiences and our very own opinions.. 
The greatest part is, we laughed out loud like no one else business..
And we can laugh at anything, random cold or funny jokes are told at time, non-stop laughter being with them..
I cherish the friendship that we have and guys, do take care! even though we are going our path separately, I believe we can still be crazy together when we meet up again.. Till next time~
Bon voyage again love! 
May you two have blessed days ahead!

Hayley signing off!
Good night peeps!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Triffin, Mid Valley

it was long-overdue post,
had lunch at this newly opened Thai cuisine restaurant - Triffin
the interior design is based on vintage concept
decorated with these old metal containers and some soy sauce bottle
Isn't it cool?

their appetizers are in the container
unique huh?
tomyum soup
verdict: the soup was not fragrant and sour enough..
won't be ordering this the next visit..

Green curry chicken&seafood
this was pretty nice
yummy and im drooling~

 let's have a closer look..
these dishes cost around 20-30myr
yea, normal price range to have meal in this kind of restaurant 

Well, that's all for today.
Gambateh and wish me luck in next week exam.

Last and before putting this post a full stop, 
miss having this..

alright peeps, hit the sack and good night!
have a great weekend, not for me though..