Sunday, September 28, 2014

Phuket Day 3

this is a #throwback post~
A long over-due post..
back from Phuket nearly two months and I'm so loaded lately,
done my assignment for this week thus would like to have a quick update on my third day in Phuket.. let me walk you through, shall we?

Day 3 destination
Pha-Ngang Bay (James Bond island)
we took the big boat package 
it was way more stable and steady, 
say byebye to my sea-sickness.. hahaha!

interior of our big boat...
there is table for lunch on board ^_^ 

sunny day~ 

beautiful scene~ 

second scenic view! 

this tour included canoe-ing into cave lagoons
let's take a picture first guys~
looking good and fresh! 

steering our way into the cave... 

cave exploration 

some pathway is so narrow where only one canoe can passby 

after the cave-exploration, headed to the well-known James Bond Island (Pha Ngang Bay) 

tourists were everywhere!!
it was pretty crowded even on a weekday! 

panoramic view  

heading to another island for swimming and canoe-ing by ourselves.. 

it was a steady and relaxing trip~
yes, no more nauseated-feeling for me that day~ ^^ 

the tour guide found a baby shark!
it is still alive!! 

that's all for the day..
we went to night market for dinner..
tried various local food (not the special protein-insects) and it was yummy!
gosh.. i miss my trip and holiday so much!
well, play hard work hard!
it's time to put some effort in my study and work hard!
three more months til 2015!
strive for the best!

Good Night peeps!