Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 2 and 3 in Taiwan

Day 2 in Taiwan
visited this twin pagodas in the morning, 蓮潭池 aka water lilies pond.

one of the water lilies..

there are a few temples along the street. 

next stop: 佛光山
main entrance 

it's a long way up to the Buddha statue. 

a little more to go 

one of the pagodas.. 

candid camera~  

Looking back how far had we walked,
the big Buddha statue is behind of us.. 

reached finally~
approximately 30 minutes of walk if you stop-by at all the pagodas along the walk way.. 

it's huge!! 

such a massive area! 
we had vegetarian lunch here, the buffet lunch is very cheap, don't remember how much though..
guarantee it is cheap!

third stop: 新社古堡 aka XinShe Castle
require to pay some entrance fee

look at this lake, it doesn't seem like there will be a lot of fish in it right.. 

yup, all about castles.. 

well, apparently there are many! 

and even black swans 

fighting for food with the fish 

taken at the castle..
love this picture a lot, thanks to my lovely brother! 

fourth stop:  

 flowers everywhere..
right, there is entrance fee too for the maintenance cost, not too expensive..

sunflower! one of my favourite! 

went to 逢甲夜市 for dinner!
yeap, dinner at night market again~
the food sold in this night market are basically more or less the same as the one we had in KaoShiung.
grilled scallop! yummy! 

emm..hmmm this cheese baked potatoes with bacon was nice.. 

but nothing beats roe pizza! 

Accommodation for day 2: Green Hotel at TaiChung
verdict: service not bad and the rooms are still very new!
Recommendation: 5 out of 5 points

Day 3
headed to SunMoon lake at Yuchi Township, Nantou County

Sun Moon Lake is the largest man-made freshwater lake in Taiwan
in order to keep the water clean and clear (indeed the water is very clear!), only limited authorized companies take care of the water transportation.

taking boat to another island where 玄光寺 located

the main attraction of Sun Moon Lake.. 

it was overwhelming view from the top of the hill.. 


it is one of the must try food there according to the tour guide - 阿婆茶葉蛋

Taiwan-version of cold tau foo fa 

it tasted more like tau foo fa pudding though.. 

do I still need to intro this?
Taiwan sausage 

Second stop: 九族文化村 
it is a themed-park like Sunway Lagoon/Genting in Malaysia

main entrance 

before entering the theme park, took a stroll at this lovely garden! 

some british-styled mansion! 

we were exhilarated taking jump-shot, there will be more coming up...

meanwhile for the old folks.....
moving less than 10km/h train for them, hahaha! 

told ya...
the most perfect piece that we could get after numerous attempts (6-7 attempts i guess).. 
don't believe me? let's go to the next pic..

errr.... failed!!!!!! okay, i will not show the rest failures... hahaha



time to explore the theme park!
Let's go brother and cousin (the photographer)! 

UFO abduction ride!
i was feeling a little dizzy after the Maya Adventure ride, so it was a "pass" for me.. 
yeah, shall not force myself, hmm, this has just reminded that i need to go for a body check soon..
will see whether I'm really having low blood pressure or not,
it is uncommon for someone to feel dizzy or blackout so easily, don't you think so?

going up.. it goes up to 10-15 floors high?! 

don't underestimate this Maya Ride..
seriously and no kidding, this is so scary!
even my brother and cousin shouted like nobody's business.. 

another jumping-shot!
hahaha, super-mario! 

apa ni??? 

moving up.. yes, i meant it, we were climbing the hill to the cable car station.. 

awesome view from the cable car back to sun moon lake~
yup, this theme park located at another hill behind of sun moon lake (i'm guessing only)
for further and more accurate geographic location, kindly google search XD 

that's all for Day 2 and Day 3..
For Day 3, we stayed at Sun Moon Lake..