Saturday, October 5, 2013

"hashtag" L table by Lavendar

that was fast... =P
i mean my motivation is back!
perhaps it's because im going to post something about nice food~ 
went to L.Table by Lavendar at One Utama with my mum and sis.. =)
presenting you.. L table menu..

we ordered one dishes from different selection..
brunch, salad, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, steak, asian delight (this was opted out as we wanted to have western cuisine so much) & dessert (were too stuffed hence we gave up dessert, will definitely come back for the dessert).. ^^

first and foremost, we opted mocha shake instead of cappuccino flavoured shake as I told my sis cappuccino tasted little bitter, therefore we go for mocha and also a fresh apple juice..
granny smith green apple.. yummy~ like it especially the apple juice.. 

moving forward, I opted Dutch Baby Pancake (from brunch selection)
simple dutch puff baked in cast iron served with powdered sugar, lemon and fruit compote 

Norweigian Burger was picked by my sis..
it's a salmon patty burger with cabbage, tomatoes and cheese, served with fries.. 

Last, it was a thumb up from my mum for this L table club sandwiches
Lettuce, eggs, cheese, turkey bacon and grilled chicken

verdict: it was a sumptuous brunch for the three of us.. enjoyed the food a lot and it totally met our satisfaction..