Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#cute stuff around me #kawaii

not sure did I posted these cute things that I have gotten from friends..

1. Animated potrait of myself from my ex-colleague

2. Hp cover from my colleague also or shall i say she is my close friend in the office.. so the cat is dreaming of apple?? meow~

3. Sister's minion file holder, she is such a fan of minion~

4. Well, she always buy me things that she likes, three little cute metal boxes for storage purpose.
I'm using it to store my headset and pendrives.

5. Okay, this was not from any of my friend, instead, I bought this for my sister~ two fluffy marimo~

6. Angpao with Monkey as theme (zodiac for 2016 in chinese lunar calendar)

7. Both snow globe (souvenir from UK) and pikachu given by my friend in the office~ that's so sweet of him~

8. lastly, Taiwan souvenir from the same friend at point 7.. Small-sized lantern and leather key chain with my name handcrafted on it.. Alright, these two may not be cute but the leather key chain is cool, isn't it?

Okay, that's all for today, good night everyone~