Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cheroh, Raub

It's a small town named Cheroh in Raub, Pahang (one of the state in Malaysia)
it was a lovely Saturday morning, (16/3/2013)
 we embarked our journey when the clock ticked 9am.
here we are, Laman Pesona located in Cheroh.
this town is mostly dwelled by chinese.

this place started its business, perhaps one-two years ago.
so everything is still new and some recreation for instance spa, jacuzzi and etc are still pending in service.
There is a viewing tower on thetop of this hill, later on I'll show u the amazing panoramic view taken from the tower. =)

my friends. sixth former or known as STPM(the general examination before u can enrol into local university, similar to A-level)

He was well-prepared for photo-capturing huh?
He was indeed. 

a small and cozy living room which can view the entire town of Cheroh.
yup, this house is one of the houses built on the hill in the #1 photo.

hexagon-star? hmm.. actually should be pentagon as there were only five of us in this car.

one of the panoramic view I took during this trip.
this was taken from the balcony of our house.
There's a spacious balcony below the living room I have shown just then.
*I totally forgot to snap a picture of the balcony when this amazing view was "presented" in front of my eyes.

Lata Lembik,
one of the place where white water rafting activity can be carried out. 

Second snap:

another panoramic view again: 

there's a small hut, watch station? hmm~ 
this hut is for flying fox event. There are several other activities in Lata Lembik, 
I can't remember well, my brain is shutting down as it's 1223am now, i mean the time I'm writing this.

3rd snap:

4th snap:

now this one is taken at the viewing tower, on top of the hill.

panoramic view, is there any differences with the one I took at balcony?

the road is very steep and narrow!
it's a great workout for ur calves muscle-gastrocnemius muscle!

I like this tree, feel so cooling by just looking at it, do u agree?

not to forget to take a pic at the entrance with the name right above us, ahhaha!

that's all for today.
Till next time~