Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Type of brain

What type of brain do you have?

click on the link above for the test, well, this is not a spam, I did the test myself and see below for my result... Philosophical Brain huh? haha..

Philosophical Brain
You have a philosophical mind. You tend to ponder big questions and are driven by your desire to seek the truth. You are fair minded and are able to see the “big picture” - your evaluations are invaluable.

Alright, that's all for today, just a sharing~
Good night peeps...
it's mid of the weekday tomorrow, look forward to weekend and a letter too!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 6, 7 and 8 in Taiwan

Day 6: 花蓮清水斷崖;南方澳漁港+觀景台
our breakfast!
savoury soya with milk tea, yam pao, eggs.. 

view is really nice~ on the way to ten points "十份"

another great views, more to come

it took us about 3 hours of ride from hualien to reach shifen..
the well-known shifen waterfall 十份瀑布


after the waterfall, time to play lantern.. =P

but before that, shall we write our wishes onto the lantern?

may prosperity showers us..

ooppss.. make a way to the train...


byebye train..

alright, after ten minutes.. here is the outcome and we were ready to release it to sky.. 

hopefully our wishes will be granted, well, appreciate even just part of it..
*finger cross* 

flying high...

this place is crowded with tourists

train trail

too bad we couldn't stay much longer to explore, it's getting late and our tour guide needed to clock off..
yup, his service starts from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening.
later than 6pm, we have to pay him OT.

after ten points, time to move to nine points (jiufen), bet everyone who is planning to go Taiwan would have heard of this place! 

view from jiufen..
it's a tourist spot on the hill, so weather was just nice, it was abit chilling..

maps of jiufen..

sadly we only have an hour at jiufen and yes, end up we were not able to explore much..
we stayed at Xi Men for the rest of the nights (2 nights) in Taiwan..
Xi Men is really happening, shops everywhere

our first braised pork rice "滷肉飯"
they were yummy~


randomly spotted this big guy..

he is a magician in Xi Men
humorous guy he is..

super big ice cream.. yum yum~
after all these nice stuffs, still couldn't gain more weight, which is good to me =P
i guess also every girls' dream?

yea, we were waiting to get a bite of the ice cream..

Day 7: headed to 淡水漁人碼頭 in the morning, it is located at the nothern tip of Taiwan

saw some actor filming, couldn't recognise them though
seem like gay to me, one of them was wearing blue coat (the one standing right beside the pillar) and another one wearing pink (the one sitting at the tip of the ship)

anyhow, we continue our sight-seeing..

this seem cool isn't it?
brother and I just simply like to snap a picture of cute stuffs. 

yachts were everywhere. 

want a lift?

at 淡水老街
time to chunk in some snacks

reed bean filling, not too bad but the ratio of the wafer and red bean filling is not well balanced,
too much of filling. 

fried squids

deep-fried crab

nom nom..this was so delicious..


time to learn some Taiwan history

well, history is a boring subject to me, as well as the others..
so we stayed a while in the museum only and head to 陽明山國家公園 after lunch..

here we are.. ;陽明山國家公園
this place is still full of volcanic activities

with the volcanic activities, inevitably the air is filled with strong and pungent smell - sulphur.

the smell is really unpleasant.

chilled temperature as this is a hill

before heading back to Xi Men, dropped by at this place for sight-seeing..

some sort of plantation area..

weather here is similar to Genting Highlands (in Malaysia)

gotcha your ugly expression!
Revenge! hahaa

for those who cannot read Mandarin, this is ShihLin night market
one of the famous night market in Taipei.

before going in, got attracted by this prawn fishing stall and here we go, fishing prawn..

It was indeed a very interesting game/activity to do..

my turn to fish.. it's a lot harder than I thought..

second round of braised pork rice..
the braised pork wasn't as nice as the first we tried..

some toast, or so-called coffin board(?) 棺材板 

Day 8 / Last Day in Taiwan:
a place to commemorate the contribution of Sun Yat Sen (i suppose, correct me if otherwise)

looks like a chinese palace isn't it?
well, Taiwan is one of the home of chinese descendants.

this is where the statue placed..

an honourable person in Taiwan.

some history again.. sorry, i'm not interested..

I missed this marching performance, yikess..

lemonade from a vending machine..

different view of the museum..

me in my new Nike sport shoe, bought the night before in Xi Men.

spotted two adorable squirrels taking stroll i guess.. haha

After visiting Sun Yat Sen, we headed to 貓空

it requires about 1 hour of drive to the top of the 貓空hill, but it only takes you around 30 minutes if i remember correctly by taking cable car.

it will be a fantastic ride if the sky is clear, sadly it was not..

basically there was nothing much to do in 貓空茶園
i would suggest to just scrap this out from your list if you are going, and also those museum if you are not interested.

our last stop: Taipei 101 before heading back to KL
Taipei 101 is 101-storey tall standing at 509.2 metres

interior of Taipei101

we had quick dinner as we bought ticket to go up to the viewing deck (time 6:30pm) 

this famous tuned mass damper is designed to withstand earthquake tremors and typhoon winds which always hit Taiwan. 

that's all for my Taiwan trip updates..
looking forward to my next trip : Siem Reap, Cambodia in November