Saturday, April 25, 2015

throwback Sunday

it was a chillax last Sunday,
put aside the assignment + revision and headed to Pavilion for a beer~ =P
oh nono, just kidding, not purposely went there for a beer.
just to have some time out of the loaded schedule.
yeah, even robot will be out of battery,
have a feeling that my body is degenerating, need to have a break.. lol
had tea time at Tom Dicks and Harry.
would be a nice place to hang out at night with the live band =)

My favourite of all the beers.
expensive but ain't drinking it so frequently,
just once in a while,
so yeah..i'm willing to spend on this half pint of Hoegaarden.

How was your week going on?
watched Avengers? 
 are you one of the hot fans of collecting cute avengers figurines below?
personally I like the Thor, he is the cutest with his hammer ^^
*ps: i dont own any of the belows
how about you? which do you like?

That's all for today,
going back to my revision,
good luck in mid term exam this coming Monday.
Good night!