Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday and delayed-post-of-Souvenir from Korea

Happy Sunday everyone!

Had a sound sleep yesterday, fully-energized? Hmm nope, I think I need more rest! 
Sister went to Raub for a short getaway with her hubby, so the bed was all mine! 
I guess that is also could be the reason of me sleeping until 11am and i can assure you that i can sleep even later than that.. Received a call from my friend at 11am which explained why i woke up at 11am, else i bet i will be still in my slumberland.. Haha! XD
It was really good to have slept through the night without any disturbances, well, sorry, indeed sometimes those phone call  of my sis with her hubby does have some effect to my resting hour.
She can talk on the phone middle of the night! Geez, sometimes 4 in the morning.. Aduii.. Understand how sweet it is to give a wake up call to your dearest one but sometimes it is just annoying..

Alright, end of the topic, let's proceed to...... My Souvenirs from Korea! ^^

Kamsahamida oppa! ^^~ I'm one happy and lucky girl! 

That's all for today! 
May you all have a blessed brand new week ahead!