Monday, June 24, 2013

Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson

Last weekend I had my first ever company trip.
Destination : Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson
It was a two days one night trip, it was actually a team building trip.
I've been to several team building training in the past six month with this company,
those were just small-sized training designed to accommodate 20+ person.
however this one was to train the entire company, well, to be more exact, Malaysia branch only.
so here we go for all the photos.
the hotel we stayed for this 2d1n event.
It's a FIVE-star hotel! ^^
I guess this was my first time staying in a 5-star hotel.
Service was nonetheless somewhat better compared to 3/4-star.
what makes it 5-star then?
the great view?
or the extraordinary beautiful interior?
we'll see then.
let's proceed, shall we?

the lobby section [1]
lot of comfy cushion seat for the hotel dwellers with sufficient of sunlight striking in the lobby.
yes, nothing beats the natural sunlight.

lobby section [2]

lobby section [3]
does the big pillars make it look grand and luxurious?

view from the lobby.
there is a big swimming pool right in front of the hotel.
the swimming is really big, as in I really mean it, it's huge!!
and I wanted to jump into the pool so much but too bad time didn't allow me to do so 
*was so sad about it literally* =(
timetable was too packed with the team building activities,
we barely even have time for ourselves except lunch/dinner/breakfast/coffee break/sleep.

some coconut tress planted around the hotel.
It is beside the beach after all, of course you would spot some coconut trees.

the room. Long corridor with bathroom on the left hand side.
towels (both the facial and for body), bath robe, slippers were nicely folded and put on the cabinet waiting to serve you
not to forget, toothbrush and toothpaste were provided as well.

Two single bed since two person were sharing the room.
there is a place right beside the window for you to sitand enjoy the view,
 I like that, wonder what does the designer call this part?
the bed was so comfortable and soft.

hazy days. sigh~ it was stink, dislike the smoke and im so sick of it.
the view can be prettier without the haze.

There are six level, and I stayed in the fifth level.

a bar right beside the pool, not particularly special design anymore I assume.
you can enjoy liquor while swimming. =)

this path leads us to the infinity pool.
it was a great path for couple at night, romantic with candle lighting the way.
too bad I'm single. ehheehe~

infinity pool.
was a lil bit disappointed seeing this as this wasn't something i expected.
the infinity was....very small.. lol..
for spectacular view from infinity pool, i guess nothing beats the one at marina bay sand singapore.

panaromic view *it has been a while since I used this my favourite-function*

on our way back to the hotel from the infinity pool.

The pool is huge right??!! =P
finally, end this post with a final panaromic view of Thistle.
nice isn't it?

hazy days ahead in KL, Malaysia.
everyone take good care and drink more water.
eat more fruits, go out when only necessary.
 put on mask when going out, outdoor activities are not encouraged though.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Brush up ur picture

Discovered a new apps which im quite fond of...
Shall show you some of the outcomes..=)

Apps: Toon Camera (iOS users)
Question: which picture do you like the most?
My answer: first picture, how about you?? :)
My verdict: there are various type of pen/brush, certain pen/brush suits animated/cartoonistic picture the best while some suits realistics picture.. So give every pen a try, you may have different feeling with it... For myself, i like the combination of brush with medium line width and animated picture.. Enjoy~

Updated: 10/09/2013 KTM train 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi everyone, it's me again...
say hello to my Ronald Kitty~ ^^ 

hamburglar two and ronald one! 
sorry for the not-related-stuff here as I'm too lazy to create another post introducing my ronald kitty...

okay, back to main business!
attached below are the main character for today's post..
ooopppss~ sounded abit formal?
yup, picture below can be seen from my "working station", in another word our so-called office~

Panaromic view seen from my ''working station''

so have u roughly gotten the idea of today's post?
yup, it's mainly about Kuala Lumpur...
place where I have been staying for the past 20+ years..
the capital of my beloved country Malaysia..
situated don't know how many degree latitude and longitude.. 
u can locate it with google maps.. and again, i'm lazy to search the latitude longitude.. =P


Petronas Twin Tower... Pusat Kebudayaan Seni... KLCC

panoramic view 

I like the reflection on the lake and the colour of blue sky..
what a lovely morning it was..

a processed picture..
apps: tinyplanets again for iOS

all the pictures above are credited to iphone5
till next time peeps~
Au revoir!