Monday, January 28, 2013

Cousin's wedding again ^^

yup, cousin's wedding again~ (date: 19-01-2013 Saturday)
all three malay cousins of mine have set up their family! yay!
how about me? haha..
I'm still young, single and available~ 
lol.. promoting myself? =p
okay, back to main topic..
it was my cousin nizar's wedding at Dewan Merak Kayangan, Felda.

my dearest brother~
naughty sometimes but he's one caring little brother..
yes, he is, im not bragging..
be good and study hard this year for ur SPM!

dancers were practicing or shall I say they were rehearsing for the performance..
yea, I was there earlier than other guests again as I need to help my cousin to distribute and place the souvenir onto each table.. 
i'm a helpful cousin right? haha

souvenirs~~~~ ferrero rochelle and hershey's kisses! 

dining set

menu of the day

that's my cousin(the groom)!!! ^^

walking behind are my uncle and aunty! I mean from the right that lady is my aunty, then my uncle.

feasting time! there are rendang daging( rendang beef), ayam merah (spicy chicken?), 
don't know what type of fish, pineapples, prawn (which I can't eat due to the fact that I'm allergic toward it),
and the middle one is dhalca. (some kind of indian cuisine dressing for the rice with long beans and carrots and potatoes)

dessert.. ice-cream tapai..
how to say this, tapai is actually fermented pulut..
tasted like vinegar! 
*I dun adore this dish, sorry couz, perhaps chinese doesnt know how to enjoy this*
but I do like the vanilla ice-cream and the dishes shown above! hehe~

notice the small paper sticked there? =P

there are three colours of the souvenir boxes
gold, silver and blue...
which do you think is the most beautiful or which do you like the most?

that's all for photos.
may they live happily ever after~
and may I have 桃花运 this year? hahaha..
Just kidding.
I believe God will give me something better soon, or I'm having one now?
hmm.. he stays too far away.. *wondering who is that huh?*
are you full of curiosity now? haha..
anyway, forget what I have said, we're just friends.
let things happen naturally then.
gonna kerja kuat-kuat, (lol, direct translate from work hard)!
Good night and back to work tomorrow!

The End