Monday, September 21, 2015

#District21 #扑街

paid a visit to District 21..
tried almost all the obstacles there, some of them are under maintenance which explains why only tried almost all the obstacles..
it was a great experience and fun if you like sky trails and similar activities..
the sky trails seems easy yet it was not easy at all..

First time ever in rock climbing!
a sport that requires arm and upper body strengths a lot, 
basically the entire body strength.

My brother and his gf in action, I was too tired to climb again..
well, the truth is I injured my elbow..

it hurts a lot! ouchhh~
扑街(fall down) at launch pad (the trampoline).
don't underestimate this wound,
it's excruciatingly painful...
the area is big enough to cause you tingling sensation when u try to stretch your arm,
all thanks to its strategic location - elbow!

couldn't do much exercise (especially badminton) for maybe 2 weeks I guess..
Gosh, it's so inconvenient to do anything,
couldn't stretch my arm freely, have to take things slowly..
is it going to leave a scar?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Such a cute pouch from Laneige

Wish everyone stay happy everyday.. 
hashtag wink hashtag smiley
Btw, drink plenty of water and take care!
Rest well!