Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happenings on 10/10

first of all, it's 10/10 today! 
so i would like to send my wishes to my best friend(u know who u are, if u r reading read this give me a misscall ya, haha, just kidding)
do u know reading the symbol? XXIII... i guess lot of people know this!
hereby i wishes u to stay healthy, happy, wealthy and pretty all the time~
and lastly.. miss u~ haha!

alright, jom proceed to the next happenings.. 
isn't this cute??? ^^
it's a gift from my boy friend~ many thanks oh~ 
it is very adorable~ hehe~ heart it!

let's have a closer look at it~ 

grrrr~ my throat is feeling abit unwell again.. =(  *some random shout out*
oh noo~ need to drink more water, im guessing 2 liters a day? =P
apart from these happenings,
 i hope everything is fine with my friend~ may your grandpa rest in peace...

that's all for today, night everybody~