Friday, February 24, 2012

souvenirs from singapore and HK Macau

during last semester break (I have just started my new semester for a week), some of my friends left for travelling,
so did I but our destination were different...
most of them travelled to another countries, singapore, hongkong, macau, and even south korea!
oh~ how envy...
well, kuantan isn't bad too! hahaXD
some of the souvenirs from them~ *happy* ^^
both are key chain,
i guess that's the most appropriate and convenient and useful thing to get as souvenir,
some more it's easily to be found in any corner of the world as long as it's a tourist spot..

some shots of my souvenirs...

Friday, February 3, 2012

kuantan-cherating trip

date : 26/1/2012 - 27/1/2012
family trip along with my uncle and his family~
it's been a while since my last trip with my family..
we hadn't travelled to anywhere since....
hmm, give me a sec, i have to dig deep into my memory lane....
...........trying hard recalling...
.........trying even harder now
.........just don't interrupt me now
......... it!!!!!!! penang way back in 2009 december...
geez, that was 2years and a month ago..

facts about me no.2 :
enjoy travelling to other state in CAR, it wasn't thrilling but somehow it's just FUN, literally!!
never try travelling with flight, that might be fun too i guess, hopefully I'll have that opportunity to travel in plane with them someday in the future... =)

here are some photos of teluk cempedak~

around 1pm...
I play badminton, table tennis, basketball and even netball...
and i can say I'm quite good in these games, hey, i'm not bragging myself, it's true~
I represented KL in table tennis back in primary school life, i'll show u guys the evidence soon if u dun believe...hehe~
apart from performing pretty good in these games,
I had never played beach volley ball and I seldom play volley ball back in my school life...
here, I had my very first beach volley ball on this beach...
although my hands were all blue-black with some tiny red dots(burst-blood vein) after the game, it was soooo FUN!!!
and it actually harder to run and chase the ball on sand than concrete floor~ aint joking about this!

it's fun when u r playing with a bunch of people who plays well in beach volley ball.. =P
couz n me played with other tourists, and they were good (at least they r lot better than us)..

okay, let me show u something interesting....
it's adorable to certain people but creepy as well...
'they' come out when we pour some sea water into the container~
guess what are 'they'....

can u spot the little creature?

greet by new friend when we were having our breakfast...
hey hey little spidey~
wanna have a sip of our guava juice too?

last but not least, the resort we stayed at and cherating beach..

that's all for today~
au revoir peeps~
have a great weekend! =)